I'm Lloyd Ross

I'm not special. I'm just like you.
Just like you, I wasn’t taught anything about money during school, and it wasn’t until I experienced financial difficulty in my adult life that I sought out the simple truths of money that helped me to turn it all around and get me to where I am today.
For me, it wasn’t about the dollars. It was about creating a life that I was happy to live.
Even though I had a stable job with a great salary, I didn’t know anything about how to make my money work for me, so no matter how much I earned, I never had anything to show for it until the next payday. And so the cycle continued, until one day I heard this quote from the prolific (and probably the most successful) investor, Warren Buffett...
“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you’ll work until you die.”
This really rocked me. Staring down the barrel of a life spent working in an office just so I could “get by” really scared me. I needed to learn how to create meaningful wealth - so I studied billionaires, people who have found ways to “make money while they sleep.”
The lessons I learned over years of studying these people have built me a 7 figure (and growing) portfolio that acts as a “money tree” for me and my family that pays us on autopilot, with no additional labour. None. 
It’s actually MUCH simpler than you think. The systems and principles I learned about wealth are age-old and universal.
I guarantee that if you use them like I did (which I’ll show you how to do), you will have money that continually feeds you too.
So, if you’re ready to create a financial legacy of your own, let’s get started!
Lloyd J. Ross
Former Lawyer, Investor, and Entrepreneur


"Working with Lloyd has been a blessing. I'm ever so grateful to him for showing me the way to succeed in life."

 - Firoza Finau

"Lloyd's guidance completely changed my financial story and future. Thank you Lloyd for your advice!"

- Daniel McKay

"Lloyd's book opened my mind massively and i've been able to reach my goals of financial freedom."

- Jacob Schwartz


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